Wednesday 30 July 2014

The Peacehaven Undercliff

If you are bored with the Blackrock to Saltdean stretch of undercliff the section between Telscombe and Peacehaven offers much of the same but is generally less busy.

It was built by Lewes District Council in the 1980s and has three access points from the cliff-top which are:-

At the west end, a ramp from Malines Av.

The Bastion Steps at Steyning Ave., 0.7 miles further east 

The easterly steps leading to Cliff Ave., a further mile east.
It is thus possible, by including the cliff-top path, to do a 4 mile figure-of eight walk from any of the three access points, all of which are on the no.12 coast road bus route.

Looking towards Brighton at the west end

Looking across Friars Bay at the east end
Between the Saltdean east end and Peacehaven undercliff is a gap of about 1.2 miles of unprotected cliff, and a similar gap exists between the east end of the Peacehaven undercliff and Newhaven West Beach. Presumably these sections will need coastal defence works eventually and it might then be possible to walk the 7.5 miles from Brighton to Newhaven along a continuous undercliff path.

Some luxurious vegetation.


  1. Thanks, I'll have to give that a try, looks interesting.

  2. Would be great if the undercliff path went all the way through from peacehaven to Brighton


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