Monday 7 July 2014

Broken glass in Preston Park playground.

Yesterday a friend allowed her granddaughter to go barefoot in the popular children's playground in Preston Park. Within a few minutes one of the child's feet was bleeding profusely from a serious cut. Even though my friend's chief concern was getting the child back to her car and treatment as soon as possible, she had time to notice that the immediate area they were using was bestrewn with shards of green and brown glass.

One can guess that the scenario leading to this deplorable situation involved inebriated youths, alcohol and the late hours of the day or early hours of the morning. A long-term legislative solution would be to ban the sale of beer, cider etc. in glass bottles. 

Children should surely be able,  even encouraged,  to go barefoot within the small areas of public space especially set aside for them.


  1. This also a common problem at Hove Recreation ground, which is a popular spot for people to walk their dog.

    First thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning there will be a trail of broken glass, usually outside the rugby club house of the small brick shelter.

  2. I agree but its not as bad as syringes which are commen in parks


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