Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Roof with a View

A selection of photos taken of, and from, the roof of the Royal Pavilion:-

The tower containing a spiral staircase to the 'Bottle' behind.
The lantern over the Great Kitchen
The roof of the main entrance porch
The tented roof of the Banqueting Hall
The onion domes over the southern bow rooms
Saloon chimney stack
View south-west over the entrance porch
General view looking south
Onion dome over the Yellow Bow Room
Behind one of the lozenge-shaped painted glass panels of the Music Room
The Old Records Office
The Brighton Wheel in distance

Suspension rods for the Saloon chandelier.
The inside of the base of the Bottle showing Nash's ironwork.
The timbering to Henry Holland's dome.
The Gardens
See also "Inside the Bottle"

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  1. Fantastic views of the unseen side of the Pavilion - thank you!


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