Monday 11 November 2013

New Waitrose for North Hove

SaveHove reports that Waitrose is to acquire the Neville Road, Hove, Co-op Superstore. 

The Co-op will continue to trade at the site until 13th March 2014.  All 80 Co-op employees will be offered the opportunity to become Partners in the John Lewis Partnership.  The branch will then close for about 4 weeks to enable conversion and for employees to receive their inductions as Waitrose Partners.  Additional job creation is planned.  As  I hope everyone knows, all employees are also Partners when they work for Waitrose/The John Lewis Partnership, with a say in how it is run and with a share in profits. Full report here.


  1. Yes, the middle-class's storm trooper advance. Will they liberate Walthamstow?

  2. Received by email

    "Great news for Waitrose fans - but very sad about the demise of the good old Co-op institution." ~ Jacqui


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