Saturday 9 November 2013

Hannington Lane - latest

Proposed south-facing elevation of Hannington Lane

The latest proposals for the new Hannington Lane development, application no.BH2013/00710, acknowledge the spot-listing in September of 15 North Street, (Timpsons) and drop the earlier requirement for its demolition. The drawings still refer to a North Street link but it seems this would only be via the existing very narrow passage way to the east of Timpsons and will probably not be suitable for public use.

Buildings in Hanningtons service yard for demolition

However, the earlier ‘Puget’s Cottage, behind Timpsons, and also listed grade II in September, will be opened up to public view by the demolition of much later unsympathetic buildings fronting Hannington's service yard. The setting of the Cottage will be enhanced and have a positive impact on the whole streetview.

Ground floor view
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