Wednesday 3 October 2012

Old Town improvements - update

At their meeting on 2 October the Transport Committee decided to go ahead with a scheme designed to create a more comfortable environment for pedestrians throughout the Old Town. This involves:-
  • Closing the junction of Ship Street and North Street to vehicles;
  • Closing East Street to all vehicles between 11am and 7pm daily;
  • Closing Boyce’s Street to through traffic while maintaining access for residents and businesses;
  • Closing Prince Albert Street to traffic between Ship Street and Black Lion Street.
Over the summer the council consulted residents, businesses and visitors on two proposals to further improve the Old Town for the hundreds of thousands of people that live, work and visit the area every year. The scheme follows on from improvements already made to King's Road between Middle Street and Black Lion Street.

The recommendations were drawn up in response to feedback from local people. A number of local businesses called for the closure of East Street for part of the day as they felt it would improve the character of the street, attract more people in and benefit trade. Businesses, residents and Middle Street School also petitioned the council to close Boyce’s Street.
East Street
At present the west side of East Street is particularly uncomfortable for pedestrians sandwiched as they are between parked cars and the shop -fronts on a narrow pavement.

 The improvement scheme is scheduled to start next January.

Following the scheme’s introduction the council plans to continue working with local businesses on ways to further improve the area’s appearance and loading arrangements.

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  1. Does this mean losing the taxi rank in East Street? If closing it to traffic, surely this is so! Where will I get a taxi from? I can't climb the hill to Queens Square rank and taxis refuse to pick people up around Churchill Squ. and gesture to that hillclimb!

    Losing the taxi rank in East Street is not something I welcome!


  2. Valerie, I suspect the taxi rank will be staying.


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