Saturday 27 October 2012

Crown Gardens

Looking north along Crown Gardens
30 Crown Gardens looking south
Crown Gardens is one of Brighton's famous twittens running between North Road and Church Street, and lying parallel to Queen's Road, which it probably predates. According to the Encyclopaedia of Brighton it was built in the 1820's for employees of the Royal Pavilion and Stables.  To the left of the twitten in the top photo, the original bow-windowed cottages have been replaced by a modern terrace backing on to Kew Street. However on the right hand side several original houses still remain including no.30 and an old length of walling.

Most of the old properties appear in good conditon and occupied but no. 30 has been allowed to fall into disrepair and the inevitable application to demolish has been filed; see planning application BH2012/02601. This calls for the replacement of no.30, and its 'back' yard, with a terrace of 3 modern terraced houses. The ancient wall will disappear. 

So the sanitisation of old Brighton moves inexorably on . . .

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  1. Myself and my wife have recently moved from crown gardens after many happy years there, the main problem with the twitten is that it is so dull and dreary during the winter, and the odd layout of the older 3 storey houses - also living in buildings built of bungaroosh does have its challenges!


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