Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mathematical tiling

The scaffolding has finally been removed from the front of the "Olde Bunne Shop" revealing new mathematical tiling on the first floor bay. At the time of this photo they had yet to be pointed and finished off with a top row of specially cut tiles. Perhaps the contractors were worried about their colour. At first glance they do not appear to exactly match the rest of the frontage. This may be partly an optical illusion caused by the unglazed terracotta. Examining them in detail it is possible to pick out individual tiles that seem very close in colour to some of the old ones.

Before repair
The description "mathematical" is believed to stem from an archaic use of the term to mean anything "precise" or "regular", although that description could as easily be applied to conventional tiling or brickwork.

This 1794 building, 9 Pool Valley, has been Grade ll* listed since 1952 and was used as a bun shop by the Cowley family for 150 years.

The one-time signboard with royal crest over the window was made by John Walsh, Carver & Gilder, born c. 1849 in Preston, Lancs.

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  1. My great, great grandfather, Francis Cowley, took over the bakery at 9, Pool Valley somewhere between 1851 and 1858. You can read more at my family history web site 'Brighton & Beyond - A history of the Cowley Family' -


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