Sunday 15 April 2012

Patcham Place proposals

Patcham Place in snow which has the advantage of rendering the inevitable parked cars inconspicuous.

Patcham Place seems likely to have found a new occupant, which must be welcomed, even though the hopes of some that the South Downs National Park Authority would make it their headquarters has not been realised. The SDNPA has opted for a site almost exactly in the centre of the National Park at Midhurst. Now a local firm Kingspan Developments hopes to make Patcham Place their flagship headquarters. Recent planning application BH2012/00667 is for change of use from former youth hostel to offices and training facilities. 

Importantly, the heritage statement of this application states:-
Any subsequent physical alterations to the building to facilitate this re-use would be the subject of a separate, subsequent application(s). Any such alterations would focus on delivering the building back toward its more historic layout as the broad internal layout of the building is already compatible with the companyʼs proposed use. 

Referring to the neglected stables block the heritage statement says:-
Similarly, the stables area is envisaged for uses ancillary to the main building and any subsequent alterations that may be proposed to this area will be the subject of separate application in due course. It is intended that these would take the opportunity of ensuring the long term preservation of the building and a viable use in perpetuity that will preserve and enhance the character and fabric of the structure.

Stable block & courtyard

Kingspan Developments Ltd, currently based in Gladstone Place, off Lewes Road specialise in building maintenance and construction, including contract maintenance and facilities management.  The firm has clients that include supermarkets, hotel chains, retail and eateries, financial institutions and Government agencies, such as the Metropolitan Police.

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  1. Well, I'm all for youth facilites, old bag that I am; but I feel this building retains a lot of local history and a certain mystique. I'd like to see it treated with some care and dignity.

  2. I have little faith in this being a fruitful partnership. " Contract maintenance and facilities management" - you might as well have sold the lot of the devil!


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