Wednesday 24 August 2011

Sewing machines & Winter ice-skating

Brighton Bits post "The Sewing Machine Shop", with 543 views has just pipped "Winter Ice-Skating" with 540. With autumn/winter coming the positions may yet be reversed. I suspect the popularity of the former is just due to googlers looking for somewhere to buy machine parts or accessories, in which case they will have been sadly disappointed. But I cannot see any ambiguity in the popularity of "Winter ice-skating". 

The attraction of skating outdoors in the winter seem to have really caught the public's imagination and the City Council would surely be backing a winner if a permanent site could be made available. One wonders if Bartholomew Square has ever been considered? Sheltered on all 4 sides, an important practical consideration, it is very similar to the Somerset House courtyard in London where ice-skating has been a highly popular feature of the winter season for many years. Bartholomew Square has from its creation been something of a failure as a public venue. To find a use such as this for it would inject some life into the area, boosting the hotel, the restaurant and maybe even stimulating new commercial activities.

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