Thursday 20 January 2011

The Royal York Hotel Buffet

This quirky, yet attractive building in Pool Valley on the south-west corner of the Royal York Hotel was built as the hotel buffet and never had its own address. It has been sadly neglected for years.  Glass panes on the weather side of the roof lantern are missing and pigeons, and presumably rain, have been getting in  for at least a year. The condition of the upper floor must be dire. 

The moulded plaster crest over the front door shows the three lions passant of the Royal Coat of Arms.

Only two years ago the Royal York Hotel itself was splendidly and sympathetically restored and, more recently, the City Council was successful in negotiating the renovation of the nearby 8  Pool Valley. One hopes they will soon perform a similar exercise for this characterful property.


  1. Pool Valley is that where the old Southdown buses picked you up and dropped you off?

    Lovely quirky detail; but those refuse bins - have we lost all sense of taste?

  2. That's the place Barry. Still being used as a half-hearted coach station.

  3. Southdown buses arrived and departed at Pool valley from and to various destinations in Sussex. Also National Express coaches. My father was a driver for both.


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