Thursday, 27 January 2011

ASDA Marina car park

Financial considerations aside, proposals to provide Brighton with a yacht harbour on an otherwise unsheltered part of the south coast always had some appeal. But whereas boats must have sheltered water, it seems somewhat perverse to have dedicated expensively reclaimed land to car-parking.

This car park for about 250 cars occupies about a 30th of the 127 acres enclosed by the Marina's breakwaters. These 127 acres were provided in 1980 at a cost said to be in the order then of £50M. This equates to £170M today. Each car park space therefore cost about £23,000 at today's prices. 

To make the Marina a viable economic proposition it was always planned to introduce revenue-producing activities additional to yachting, but one might have hoped for something less mundane than a superstore and car park.


  1. In lean times, before the redevelopment and the opening of the Hotel Seatle, 70% of marina visitors came for the supermarket!

  2. I'm sure you are right Jason. It would be interesting to know what the proportion is now with all the extra attractions, the restaurants, cinema and sports facilities.


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