Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Great Eastern

This fine old pub at the bottom of Trafalgar Street always seems to be popular but, as far as the outside is concerned, badly in need of some tlc. One fears it will go the way of so many of Brighton's old pubs and suffer "modernisation",  so losing a fine pub sign and all its historical associations. 

The name and appearance of the pub must surely date from the short period of glory of Brunel's "Great Eastern", launched  1858, which ended on 9th September 1859 with an on-board explosion during her maiden voyage. Although some of the buildings near the bottom of Trafalgar Street date from earlier in the 1800's, they will over the years have been subject to much alteration: whereas everything about the Great Eastern, although a few decades later, seems to suggest we are still seeing it as it was first built and occupied. It should surely be valued and protected for this alone.

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