Saturday 12 January 2019

A new Marina promenade.

 Site of new development looking west.

The Marina Outer Harbour development came to a standstill after the completion of phase 1 in 2016 which saw the erection of the Orion & Sirius apartment blocks at the West Quay. Since then the project has  been acquired by investment managers ICG Longbow who have enlisted architects Squire & Partners to produce new plans for phases 2 & 3. Squire & Partners have an impressive portfolio of modern developments in their portfolio including Chelsea Barracks.

Whereas the earlier plans envisaged 4 discrete apartment blocks on platforms projecting out over the spending beach the latest plans have drawn some inspiration from the city's seafront squares and crescents.

Impression of new scheme looking west.
Pink areas indicate retail facilities

For the public at large the new scheme has the advantage of providing near level access from Madeira Drive via the western breakwater, several new public squares, and great permeability throughout the site, not the least including a new 250m long promenade with views directly out to sea through the harbour arms. 

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