Friday 23 March 2018

Brill's Baths

Looking west on Grand Junction Road 

Grand Junction Road today

The original Brill's Baths was built in 1823 on the SE corner of East Street.  Up to the early 19th century the shallow promontory  here was subject to continual erosion until, in 1829, a sea wall was built and Grand Junction Road laid on top of it. One hundred years later the road was widened over the top of brick-built vaults now known as King's Road Arches. The original promontory can still be detected in the coastal profile today while the wooden groyne just visible in the top picture has been replaced with a substantial concrete one.

Looking East at bottom of East Street 1850s

Brill's Baths was demolished in 1858 and the present-day Clarendon Mansions (grade II listed) rebuilt on the site. The original Clarendon Mansions can be seen in the etching and the 1850s photo above. 

In 1861 Charles Brill opened a ladies-only baths on the west side of Pool Valley followed in 1869 by a splendid gentleman's baths. Both ladies & gents baths were demolished in 1929 for the erection of the art deco Savoy cinema. This building still stands although in a forlorn state.

Map of 1898 showing the 2nd Brill's Baths.
2nd Brill's Baths, 1929, looking towards East Street from Pool Valley.

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