Monday, 19 December 2016

Burning the Clocks

2011 procession

On the shortest day, Wednesday, December 21st. the 'Burning the Clocks' event brings the whole city together to celebrate the turning of the year.

The lantern procession will set off from New Road at 6.30pm and arrive at Madeira Drive at approximately 7.15pm, where lanterns are passed onto a bonfire and a firework show begins.

The event finishes at around 8pm.

From New Road, the parade will make its way through North Street, Ship Street, Bartholomews and then onto the seafront via East Street and crossing the A259. The parade then goes to Madeira Drive for the finale.​

2011 procession

The fireshow will take place on the beach with viewing from Madeira Drive and the Upper Terrace on Marine Parade.

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