Wednesday 2 September 2015

109 London Road

Looking west from Marshall's Row in the
1930's shows the back of 109 London Road.
(James Gray collection)
This one-time butcher's shop on the corner of London Road and Marshall's Row is now in a deplorable state of neglect. As it is on a main thoroughfare its construction probably predates that of the cottages in Marshall's Row built by John Marshall in the 1830's. The last of these, Dawkin's Forge, was demolished in 1958 for the building of the Open Market. It is thus one of the few remaining links with the very early Victorian era on this side of London Road. Until a few years ago it added a touch of historic charm to the corner and looked worthy of preservation.

A large and growing crack between the front and side walls together
with a distinct bulge suggest a collapse would not be surprising.

Unfortunately it now appears to be beyond economic repair and looks as if it might even pose a danger to passers-by in the London Road.

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