Friday, 14 August 2015

More of Madeira Terraces closes.

Image - Google Earth 
A severely corroded beam in part of the in one of the recently vacated bays of the JAG Gallery, is being shored up but is in such a poor state that piecemeal repairs are no longer able to maintain the structure properly.

The risk to the business closest to the damaged beam is high so the council has taken the tough decision to ask the JAG gallery to move out by 1 September. JAG gallery has already had to move part of its operation to a Portakabin and there is temporary fencing around the remainder of the Madeira Terraces. The council is working with the tenants to see whether relocation is possible.

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  1. We saw that last week as we travelled on th Volks railway. It looks rather below par for Brighton. As did much of West Street - which wouldn't look out of place in Brazzaville.


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