Wednesday 27 May 2015

Pole progress

The i360 is still just a hole in the ground but things are now set to change fairly rapidly. Concrete pumping is scheduled for Saturday with concrete being delivered just the few miles from Shoreham harbour. The first tower sections, the "cans", are scheduled to be delivered to the beach by barge at high tide on June 11th.

A crane with a jib nearly as high as Sussex Heights is to be employed in the assembly work. A special jig will allow successive cans to be slid in at the bottom of the tower while the completed portion is raised by the crane.

The architects, Marks Barfield, designers of the London Eye, are world famous. The launch, scheduled for next summer, of the no less ingenious i360, is likely to make the headlines around the world; so helping to ensure the future of the City as a modern, exciting, destination.

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