Friday, 20 February 2015

Brighton Station gateway - latest

Work has now begun on the final phase of the Gateway scheme  which is scheduled for completion this summer. Between now and then work will progress east to west through the area, beginning with the taxi rank area in the east.

From Monday 23rd February the area around the taxi rank approach road will be resurfaced.   Between 23rd February and 6th March no southbound traffic will be permitted on Terminus Road from Bath Street onwards and diversions will be in place for southbound through traffic from Seven Dials.  During this time a temporary rank will operate from Terminus Road, on the western side of the station.

Subsequent work entails:
Re-paving the entire area using high-quality UK-sourced stone.
Installing new lighting
Providing improved bus stop facilities.
Enhancing the sense of place though seating, greenery, and street furniture.

For the duration of the works southbound traffic will not be permitted south of Trafalgar Street / Guildford Road.


  1. If they manage to sort it out for the first time in 30 years I'll be impressed!

  2. Hmm, from the look of that picture, it look like they are doing away with the gates.

    The 3 sturdy iron posts supporting the gates are actually guns captured from the crimean war. I hope they aren't going to dig them up and chuck them.

  3. I've also heard a story that they were cannons from the seafront battery. I believe it has been established that they do not have the right dimensions and quality to be gun barrels,


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