Sunday 11 January 2015

Andy Durr

Last month Brighton lost a great Brightonian in Andy Durr. Labour Councillor and ex mayor of Brighton, University Lecturer,  Andy was more recently known as the founder of the Brighton Fishing Museum on the seafront where he spent much of his time.

I first met Andy when studying at Brighton Polytechnic whom Andy had been with since it was the Art School. He taught history on their M.A. in regional and local studies. Andy introduced me to much interesting local material, and inspired me to pursue my interests in this direction.

Andy was a down to earth character who combined a simple way of communicating with a bright intellect. He had much of his own education through trade unions and the labour movement, but was also a historian of design and saw much of his work as embracing Raymond Williams definition of culture, seeing the combination of the artistic and fishing quarter on the seafront as the realisation of a dream.

His funeral was attended by many people from all walks of life and political beliefs. His family and extensive network of friends will miss him as will the seafront.    
~ Trevor Hopper

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