Tuesday 4 December 2012

The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton on Kindle

Two decades after the original Encyclopaedia of Brighton was published, the fascinating, informative and entertaining New Encyclopaedia of Brighton by acclaimed biographer Rose Collis combines the best of the original text with hundreds of new subjects.

Alphabetically-ordered, the New Encyclopaedia of Brighton illustrates the city’s rich and diverse social history, from ‘Abattoirs’ to ‘Zap Club’. Sections include Black Brighton, Foodie Brighton, Gay Brighton, Green Brighton and Jewish Brighton to Housing, Indian Soldiers and WWI and II.

There are profiles of leading lights in business, politics, literature and entertainment, including Ellen Nye Chart, Maria Fitzherbert, Robin Maugham, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Lord Alfred Douglas and Martha Gunn. ‘Pull-out’ quotes about the city, dating from the early 18th century, and ‘one-off’ facts vividly demonstrate Brighton’s idiosyncratic history.
Essential ‘lists’ include ‘Brighton in Art’, ‘Brighton by the Book’ and ‘Filmed in Brighton’
Converting the book into an electronic version has enabled many sections to be updated since it was published in June 2010, including those on Amex Stadium, Notable Churches, Brighton Centre, Seafront, Old Steine, Corporation, and Gay Brighton.

Whether read for fun, education or reference by visitors and residents alike, The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton is the definitive book about Brighton.

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