Wednesday 13 June 2012

67 East Street

Unlike its near neighbour 63 East Street, this red-brick facade has remained unpainted. It is however showing its age, which perhaps gives a clue as to why painting might be resorted to. A coat of paint, as well as disguising deterioration, may also help to stabilise the surface by water-proofing it. Some repair work has been attempted around the windows as indicated by a change of colour. Perhaps some cement-based infill was moulded in situ, when what is really required is the use of replacement hand-moulded bricks. These are still available from specialist firms but would undoubtedly be expensive, especially in small numbers. 
The property is unlisted like all the others on this side of East Street but it enjoys some protection by being within the Old Town CA. It has survived 130 years.  Perhaps if it survives another 100 or so its very antiquity will generate the will and the means to ensure its proper preservation.


  1. This is part of a much larger office complex that stands in the corner of the Old Steine


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