Wednesday 23 November 2011

The New England Quarter playground - latest.

In April this year developer McAleer and Rushe Group and landowners Albion Inns Ltd and Cookstown Developments Ltd, after withdrawing their appeal, were given six months to provide the much needed playground on Block K of the station site, see previous post

The playground has failed to materialise within the allotted time and the City Council has instigated legal action which will be heard in Brighton Magistrates Court on December 8th. 

Councillor Phelim MacCafferty says “We are extremely disappointed that the developers have continued to ignore requests to provide this much needed facility for families living in the area.  . . Failing to comply with the enforcement notice has left us with no alternative but to take legal action.”

It will be interesting to hear the developer's excuses . . . . 

The full press release may be read here.


  1. They're taking the piss. "Enforcement" is a misnomer.

  2. Gigi comments by email:-
    "Thanks for posting this. I've wondered what was going on with this "prime location" site since I moved to Brighton and, as a commuter then, went past it on a daily basis. I was renting at that time, and painfully aware of both the unrealistically high rents and property prices, especially that near to Brighton Station.
    It would be wonderful if this site could become a playground area: I fear it may be held hostage to other development whims. But at the moment it's a dreadful insult to the people of Brighton and Hove to have to "Watch This Space" as a big pile of rubble. A mere stone's throw away, along Queens Road, there are folk sleeping in shop doorways as the winter frosts set in."

  3. Thanks Gigi. I think there is not much doubt that it will eventually become a playground as intended.


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