Thursday, 3 March 2011

More Pepperpot news

View from south

On the top floor of the Pepperpot nine of the 10 windows have been blocked up, the remaining glazed one is on the north east side.

The City Council has registered an application BH2011/00123 to restore all the windows on the top floor to match the existing one. It is proposed that several of the windows will include ventilators with the aim of reducing damp problems.

The composite image right shows the windows restored. The application also specifies lead capping on projecting cornices, as indicated by the arrows, to prevent rain penetration.

Back in the 1950's it was the intention of the Council to open the Tower to the public. It is to be hoped that this is one step further towards achieving that aim, so that we can  enjoy the panorama of Brighton it offers.

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