Thursday 24 June 2010

Brighton Pride's future in doubt

Brighton Pride’s future in doubt as another backer pulls out
I have always considered the annual Pride festival as providing the quintessential Brighton spectacle, especially when the weather is fine, but I have gay friends who want nothing to do with it, are even embarrassed by it. They say the original argument has long been won, especially in Brighton; the whole raison d'etre of the Festival lost. They want to live their lives as normal, accepted members of the community whereas Pride celebrates and perpetuates 'difference'.

On the other hand everyone (or nearly everyone) loves a parade & a party and a good excuse to close the town centre to traffic for a few glorious hours. Perhaps the time has come to try to broaden Pride's appeal, and therefore its source of funds, while  retaining the drive and talents of the regular participants, in an even grander more embracing event.

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