Saturday 6 February 2010

A call to join the Brighton Society

In a comment to an Argus article "Brighton Regency Society row rumbles on" Christopher Hawtree says:

"People with a concern for architecture, and all that entails, could consider leaving the Regency Society and joining the Brighton Society, whose remit is clearly stated. Meanwhile, Hove surely deserves the creation of a similiar Society."

Christopher Hawtree is a Hove-based writer & bibliophile who has had articles published in the New Statesman, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Times. He is an ardent defender of public libraries and was part of the successful campaign to retain Hove Library in its original Carnegie building, see "The Good Library Blog".

Brighton Society's clear mission statement is: "to conserve and improve the amenities of Brighton & Hove. We encourage the preservation of architecturally and historically interesting buildings with their particular look and feel..."

One of Brighton Society's most recent successes was in securing the Grade II listing of the victorian Connaught Road School, thus helping to preserve it from unsympathetic developments or even demolition..

Hove, of course, already has the Hove Civic Society with similar aims, namely: "to stimulate community interest in the beauty, history and character of Hove and its surroundings. The Society encourages high standards of architecture, town planning and the conservation of buildings of historical interest."

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