Wednesday 20 January 2010

Changes to Stanmer Conservation Area

Brighton and Hove City Council is conducting a consultation on proposed changes to the Stanmer Conservation Area.

The Stanmer Conservation Area is made up of the house, the village and the parkland, and has what the council describes as a “quiet, secluded character, comprising all major elements of an 18th century estate”.

The changes to the designated area include:-

  • Removal of the area to the south of the A27.
  • Inclusion of woodland to the east and west which forms an integral part of the 18th century landscape.
  • Inclusion of the walled garden to the northeast of the area.
  • Extension to include a 19th century farm structure to the north of the village.
  • An Article 4(2) Direction under the General Permitted Development Order to ensure future planning control over minor alterations to unlisted dwellings.

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