Sunday 2 August 2009

Street Name Plates

Many of Brighton's street nameplates are gradually being replaced by cheap-looking plastic things. I am very incensed about this. The following letter which I am sending off to anyone I can think of, expresses what I think about it.:-

"I am writing in response to an article in the Argus which reports that historic street nameplates in the Hanover area are being replaced with modern plastic versions.

I consider that, even in a weathered state, the original cast nameplates retain their elegance and readability . They suggest solidity, permanence, continuity with the past and, being of a similar period to the Conservation Area, they make a distinct contribution to its historic character. They were also very probably produced in Brighton foundries of the time which adds to their historic interest.

I protest most strongly at their removal unless they are to be replaced with faithful reproductions."

The Argus article which prompted this can be read here.

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