"About Hove - Name the Place" Quiz results.

Answers to the Quiz set at the Connaught 125 Day on 20th March 2010:-

1. In Landsdowne Place

2. From Burton Walk

3. Claire Terrace

4. End Medina Terrace

5. In the Drive, west side

6. In Holland Road

7. Outside pulpit, Holy Trinity Church

8. At corner Vallance/Church Roads

9. 9 Grand Avenue

10. In Hove Place

11. From Hogarth Road

12. Rear of Courtney Terrace

13. In Medina Villas

14. At corner Church/Connaught Roads

15. Hove Library

 16. At corner St. Aubyns Sth./Kings Esplanade

17. In Palmeira Square

18. BHASVIC Foundation Stone

19. In Brunswick Street West (before development)

20. In Namrik Mews

21.  4 Grand Avenue

22. In twitten linking Connaught Rd. with Stirling Place

23. In Hove Park Villas

24. In Connaught Road

The Prize was awarded to Mr Nigel Bailey for a score of 8 correct answers.